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Improve the Sound of Your Violin/Cello (Part II)

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

If you want to improve the sound of your current violin on a budget, look at the following items:

1. Bow grip:
Proper bowing technique is critical for good sound! Have a good teacher show you proper hand position, proper grip, proper bow pressure and proper finger position on the bow. There is no substitute for a qualified instructor.

2. Bow Pressure:
Experiment with changing the pressure on the bow; increase/decrease as you draw on the bow. The index finger of your bowing hand is where most of the pressure is applied.

3. Bow to string angle:
Keep consistent bow-string angle when bowing. Try doing this when moving the bow over the strings on all parts of the bow. Practice this with full tip-to-frog movements in both directions. Observe your angles when practicing and warming up. Keep the speed of the bow Consistent bow speed and natural pressure is very important to good playing.

4. Bowing position on the strings:
Find the “sweet spot” on the strings that is most responsive to the drawing of the bow without any harshness in tone. Due to the uniqueness of each violin, you must experiment with each instrument. This can be between the fingerboard edge and the bridge  or even on top of the fingerboard. Beware: Playing above the fingerboard will produce different tonal properties and less volume.

5. Bow rosin quantity:
Too much as well as too little rosin will adversely effect the sound. Too little will produce will not produce a clear loud note while excessive amount can cause scratchy sound plus rosin buildup on the strings and violin top. Cleaning the bow hair with oils cleaners or chemicals may ruin the hair. You can shake  it off or use a dry smooth cloth to gently wipe off some excess. Playing till the rosin comes off is also an option.



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