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Improve the Sound of Your Violin/Cello (III)

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

You can improve the sound of your violin and cello by adjusting the soundpost and reshaping the bridge. Moving the soundpost very small amounts (0.5-2.0 mm) can dramatically change the sound of the instrument. The sound can become brighter or softer as well as more bass or treble. This should only be done by a  competent Luthier.

Another way to change the quality of the sound produced by the violin/cello is to re-carve the bridge very slightly at different points of the bridge. You can make the sound stronger, more nasal, weaker, dull, etc. This method can be used to work on individual strings as well as the entire instrument. Mistakes can NOT be easily corrected. Once wood is removed, it can’t be put back on. Do not attempt this if you are not ready to carve a new bridge.


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