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Improve the Sound of Your Violin/Cello (Part I)

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

If you want to improve the sound of your current violin on a budget, look at the following items:

First make sure that your bow has good tension. The hair must be rosined properly for clear tones. Its hair must be tight and under some tension to produce good tone. If you lost most of the original hair then it may be time to replace the bow. Today you can buy student bows starting at $25-$30.

Look at the bridge and make sure it is not damaged and both legs sit on the violin-top fully. If the top is chipped or bent, it may be time to think of replacing it. Good bridges that are properly fitted, start at $60. You can buy cheaper online.

A damaged nut will also adversely effect the sound produced by the violin. Slipping pegs will cause the instrument to constantly play off tune.

Also consider replacing the strings. Choose between steel and nylon (or gut). Each one has its own qualities and a different sound. Do NOT choose the cheapest set on the market. Choose wisely based on experience, reviews and the sound quality of each string category.

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