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Thursday, October 31st, 2013

When asked by parents “What is the best instrument for my child to start on?” , I usually respond with a soprano recorder or guitar. Both are relative inexpensive and portable. If the student likes wind instruments,then a recorder is the cheapest and simplest choice. If it works for them, they can move on to play from notes, amplify it with a small clip-on pickup-mic, and even try a full size tenor recorder. The tenor is 1/2″ bigger than a full size clarinet. The sound is very rich and can also be amplified.

If the student does not want a wind instrument, then a starter guitar would be my next recommendation. It is not to difficult to learn. The notes are relatively easy to learn. Chords will be memorized by the hand muscle and will be automatic. Eventually, they will feel how far up and down to move their fingers; without even knowing which note they are playing. Descent student guitars can be purchase for less than $150 or even $100 (if you know what to look for).


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