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Shaping Violin Pegs

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

To repair or build violin pegs, you need quality peg reamer and shaper. The Peg Shaper (T-39) I use was purchased from International Violin for $54 and works pretty well. You have to develop a method of how to use it. It has to be set up properly with the correct angle of the taper (30:1). The shaper and reamer have to be matched to exact same taper.
Next, with a sharp knife score the at the peg at the collar to protect the collar from ripping out. Insert peg into shaper and slowly start shaving till you get to the collar. Start by just shaving a drop at a time so as to minimize rip out. With one hand turn the peg and the other very slowly bringing down the top sliding block assembly. Insert the peg into the peg box multiple times through out the shaving process to insure proper fit and not over shaving the peg. This takes some experimenting and practice to get it right. Once you develop the feel for smooth shaving, it works well with minimal rip out.


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